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  General Election 2017 Results  
Candidate Party Votes
Janet Battye Liberal Democrats 1,952
Josh Fenton-Glynn  Labour Party 26,181
Rob Holden   Independent 1,034
Paul Rogan   UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,466
Kieran Turner   Green Party 631
Craig Whittaker   Conservative Party Elected 26,790
Turnout 58169 (73.59%)  

Craig Whittaker wins Calder Valley for the Conservatives, winning by 609 votes, with a majority reduced by 90% since the 2015 election. (9 June)

Labour's Holly Lynch has held her Halifax seat, increasing her majority from just 428 in 2015 to over 5000 in 2017. (9 June)

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The 2017 general election will be on 8 June. The candidates to date are listed in the left and right columns, in alphabetical order, using photos available so far.

Nominations cosed Thursday afternoon, 11 May and the Candidates are Janet Battye, Liberal-Democrats; Josh Fenton Glynn, Labour; Robert Holden, Independent; Paul Rogan, UKIP; Kieran Turner, Greens and Craig Whittaker, Conservatives.

Useful links and info

Wikipedia page describing the Calder Valley constuency

HebWeb coverage of 2015 election with results for each candidate.

In the 2015 General Election, the Conservatives beat Labour by 4427 votes, the Lib-Dem vote collapsed, the Greens fared no better, while the UKIP vote increased significantly. Although the turnout was up, it remained below 70%.

See below for HebWeb coverage of previous general elections.

Video of Josh Fenton Glynn being interviewed by Jason Elliott at the Brighouse 1940s weekend. Remembering the Labour Government of 1945 which created the NHS, and still looking for Craig Whittaker. (3 June)

Calder Valley Green Parliamentary candidate calls for clean air action Kieran Turner donned a face mask at the Leeds Road crossroads in Hipperholme to draw attention to the air pollution hot spot, where levels of nitrogen oxides and particulates break the law. Read more (31 May)

Craig Whittaker cancels debate appearance at last minute: see report from The Canary: "Tory candidate shuns constituents to attend Theresa May’s manifesto launch" (19 May)

Calderdale Green Party launches General Election campaign in Calder Valley. Kieran Turner from Todmorden is Calderdale Green Party’s Parliamentary candidate for Calder Valley. Read more (16 May)

Jeremy Corbyn in Hebden Bridge

Jeremy Corbyn in Hebden Bridge. Hundreds packed into the Town Hall on Monday, 15 May to support and hear the Labour leader. Photos, videos and report. (15 May - updated)

Call for election debate in the Calder Valley Labour, Green and Independent candidates for Calder Valley have written to Conservative, Craig Whittaker challenging him to debate. Read more (13 May)

Green Party seeks 'progressive alliance' of Labour, Lib Dems and Greens to oppose Craig Whittaker and they have written to the other parties. Read more about how they are getting on. (4 May)

Labour choose Josh Fenton-Glynn to contest Calder Valley for the 8 June General Election. Josh is a Calderdale councillor who lives in Hebden Bridge and who previously fought the 2015 general election. Read more. 1 May

Previous general elections on the HebWeb

For much of the 1980s and 1990s, Donald Thompson held Calder Valley for the Tories.

Labour's Christine McCafferty took the seat in 1997 and held it until 2010 when she retired.

Craig Whittaker won for the Tories in 2010 and won again in 2015.

2015 General Election

2010 General Election

2005 General Election

2001 General Election

1997 General Election - hardly anyone was at this time using the Internet for political coverage and discussion. The HebWeb was among the first websites to do this. We wrote: "The Hebden Bridge Web invites you to join its experiment in online democracy."